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Its first president was George Soliana, a lawyer and former Lt. Governor. His presidency was followed by many other well known persons still in the Bonaire community: Evert Piar, Yke Faber, Niki Tromp, Steve Littman, Jim Hough, Larry Gerharts, Henk Schrijver, Frits Peereboom, Mocky Arends, Richard Dove, Frank deWit, Pieter Groenendal, Alvin Obersi, Maarten Maartense, Marisela Croes, Ruud Vermeulen, Huub Groot, and more.... President 2011-2012 was Richard Hart and now President 2012-2013 is Jan Kloos.

The first Rotary-service Club was founded more than hundred years ago. In 1905 Paul Harris, a lawyer from Chicago, came with the idea to start a club with a few other businessman. The purpose of the Rotary organization is to bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

At this moment there are clubs in 165 countries with over 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide. Rotary Club Bonaire has 33 members. For many years Rotary Club Bonaire was a men only club, but in 1998 Orphaline Saleh was installed and became the first female member and in 2006 Marisela Croes became the first female president.

Rotary Club Bonaire gives supports to a variety of projects on Bonaire; Jeugdhuis Jong Bonaire, Fesbo, Stichting Project, Pasadia Carino, Recompression Chamber, SASO, BONAI, FORMA, SGB- Chez Nous, and many more organizations and individuals, sometimes together with other entities, for example, The Breakfast in School Project, is funded together with private indiviuals, USONA, AMFO and nowadays with OLB. The BIS project (our main project of Rotary since 2004) supplies breakfast daily to 350 children, helping them to better concentrate during the school days. This project has been acknowledged by Rotary International, the Distric Rotary, and most importantly, by the participating schools on Bonaire who tell Rotary they are making a difference in children’s study habits and behavior by getting a balanced breakfast each school day. Nutrition is alo provided by a special sponsor with a multi vitamin which goes along with the 350 daily breakfast program.

Last year, in 2011, RCB donated five laptops to the best high school graduates, and this school year, 2012, as well again, another five laptops will go the top students. This year’s Rotarally proceeds went to the Prinses Wilhelmina Foundation. Rotary continues to do many fundraising events throughout the year to help generate the necessary funds to give back to the community.

On the occasion, 30th anniversary of Rotary Club Bonaire, Yke Faber and Evert Piar as the two charter members, and the longest members of Rotary Club Bonaire were honored and asked to make the anniversary donations to a group of their choice. Evert’s donation went to the Alzeimers’s foundation.

The evening celebration ended with a spontaneous speech of Ina Faber, remembering many past projects in which the partners were involved. Once, together with the nuns, Ina and Rotarian partners made handmade clothes and dressed many small children, as well as the remembered Sint Nicholas parties in the different barrios. The partners organized the Sint Nicholas, food, gifts, songs, entertainment, candies, transportation, etc., for hundreds of children for 20+ years by the Rotarians, now passed over with support to the Pasku Briante. The well remembered Magic-Rama show (1994) was put on by the Rotary Club in the SGB auditorium for a week of magic.

During this evening, Richard Hart, president of Rotary Club Bonaire 2011-2012, thanked every one who over the years helped and supported Rotary Club Bonaire.

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