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Paul Harris was one of the Founders of Rotary and was very involved in the development of Rotary which grew from a single club in Chicago in 1905 into the global organization we know today. The Paul Harris Award was set up in memory of his work to recognise outstanding contributions to the ideals of Rotary. It can be awarded by a Rotary Club to any person, whether a Rotarian or not, who is deemed worthy of the honour. A Paul Harris Award costs $1000 which is paid to Rotary Foundation. The recipient is known as a Paul Harris Fellow, and receives a medallion on a blue and gold ribbon, a special lapel badge and a citation signed by the President of R.I. and the Chairman of Rotary Foundation Trustees.

Bonaire's Paul Harris Fellows include:

Evert L. Piar: Is a co-founder and charter member of Rotary Club Bonaire. His former classification: Banking Commercial, but presently: Senior Active. He was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow in June 2001. After 45 years working for the Maduro & Curiel's Bank (Bonaire) N.V. in Bonaire and managing it since 1977, Evert went on a well earned retirement on November 1st, 2012. He was the face of the Bank in Bonaire and very well known in the community, not only for his services to the Bank-clients, but also for his numerous activities for and with the community. In April, 2003 Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Dutch Kingdom awarded him as "Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau." In Rotary Club Bonaire he has served as president of the club twice, first the year 1982-1983 and again in 2004-2005, while he held all positions in the Board over the years as well as Director of all four Avenues. Evert has received recognitions by the Rincon Community Foundation, The Catholic Bisdom of Willemstad all for voluntary services rendered to the Bonerian Community and, as co-founder of the Bonaire Junior Chamber (JCI) Jaycees, was awarded as an Honorary Member in October 1997.

Henk Schrijver: Henk was introduced by Yke Faber in May, 1984. In October, 1984, he was installed by Evert Piar as Niki Tromp was not on the island at that time. During the year 1989/1990, Henk functioned as the president of the club and he promoted the Rotarally for the first time, which is still one of the most popular annual events. His second term as president was in the year 2003/2004. During this year, the board took all the action and preparation for the Breakfast in Schools Project, so it could start in August 2004 for the first time. For his efforts over many years, in April, 2007 Rotary Bonaire recognized Henk's work with a Paul Harris award, during the festival celebration of the club's 25th anniversary.

Jan Gielen: Jan was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow for his dedication to the setup of the Breakfast in Schools Project. The program has been running successfully for many years now, but Jan was instrumental in getting the project up and running.

Alvin D. Obersi: Alvin was awarded by President Maria Buncamper-Mulanes, of the Rotary Club St. Maarten, with the Paul Harris Fellow award for having been an example of a great citizen of the Dutch Caribbean, contributing in countless ways to various organizations, both financially and morally. His contributions to the communities of Bonaire and St. Maarten are numerous.

Ruud Vermeulen: (1950) now is a member of RC Bonaire without special functions or tasks. In 2004 he founded the Stichting Rotary Bonaire (SRB)--Foundation Rotary Bonaire--and chaired this foundation until July 2013. This foundation operates for RC Bonaire the Breakfast in Schools program (BIS). In 2012 he founded the Voeding op School Stichting - Foundation Nutrition in School - to create the successor for the SRB in the BIS operation, allowing involvement of others than RC Bonaire members. Ruud got involved in community service in 1977 when he joined the Round Table Zoetermeer until 1991. He has been a member with RC's-Gravenhage Oost from 1987 until 1992, and joined RC Bonaire from 1992 until 1994 and afterwards from 1999 until now. Board positions as secretary, Sgt@Arms, and he served chairman of RC Bonaire in 2007-2008.

Sara Matera: Sara has been a member of Rotary Club Bonaire since 1998. Her sector is hospitality/Horeca. She was awarded as a Paul Harris Fellow in 2010 for community service within horeca on the island, with a special focus on the Italy stage project and culinary professionals. She has also worked tirelessly since 2004 providing public relations for Rotary Club Bonaire. Sara received special commendation when she was decorated by Her Majesty the Queen of Netherlands in 2008. Service above self.

Paul Harris Fellow, Yke Faber
Yke Faber
Paul Harris Fellow Jacob Mattemaker
Jacob Mattemaker
Paul Harris Fellow Evert Piar
Evert Piar
Paul Harris Fellow Richard Dove
Richard Dove
Paul Harris Fellow Henk Schrijver
Henk Schrijver
Paul Harris Fellow Jan Gielen
Jan Gielen
Paul Harris Fellow Alvin D. Obersi
Alvin D. Obersi
Paul Harris Fellow Maricella Croes
Maricella Croes
Paul Harris Fellow Ruud Vermeulen
Ruud Vermeulen
Paul Harris Fellow Sara Matera
Sara Matera
Paul Harris Fellow Maarten Maartense
Maarten Maartense
Paul Harris Fellow Frits Peereboom
Frits Peereboom
Paul Harris Fellow Pieter Groenendal
Pieter Groenendal
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