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This new school year, 2013-2014, marks the ninth year of the successful Breakfast in Schools program organized by the Rotary Club of Bonaire. The program started in August 2004. In 2013 Rotary Club Bonaire started the Stichting Voeding op School (Food in School Foundation) which will guide the Breakfast in Schools project from now on.

Each school day the program provides meals for 367 children who would otherwise go to school without breakfast. Including the after school program the BIS program provides 527 meals per school day. The meals provide a simple and nutritious meal that their growing bodies need. It also helps to curb their hunger pains and allows them to concentrate in school. It shows that the children are better prepared to focus and retain more during their school hours. Also aggressiveness is more under control. The meals were planned with the help of a nutritionist and a local caterer with purveyor Bonaire Food Group who prepares the food packages for daily distribution for creches (day care) and primary schools. Scholengemeenschap Bonaire takes care of the purchase, preparation and distribution for their own students, with help in funding by the Rotary Club Bonaire.

Participating schools include: Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador, Kolegio Papa Cornes, Kolegio Reina Beatrix, Kolegio San Bernardo, Kolegio San Luis Bertran and Watapanaschool. The youth at Stichting Project, the kids of the after school program FESBO and four creches also participate and receive thus balanced meals as part of the Breakfast in schools program.

As of the 2012-2013 school year, the Stichting Voeding op School also started distributing extra fruits in school. Fruits were always part of the Breakfast in Schools program though in limited quantity. Since the 2012-2013 school year, the fruits have become an integral part of the program being funded by the government of Bonaire (OLB), funds managed by USONA and other donations. For this new school year 2013-2014 an average of 1,103 children will participate in the Fruit in Schools program.

Over the years, several Bonaire entities have partnered with the Rotary Club of Bonaire and helped to raise funds for the program. Main sponsors over the years have been USONA, AMFO, Divi Flamingo Hotel, Buddy Dive Resort, and numerous private persons and businesses. Bonaire’s local government funds the program since 2012, supplemented by some funds managed by USONA.

A meal costs less than $2 and you can help by sponsoring a meal for a child for one month for only $35. For more information please contact Maricella Croes of the Rotary Club of Bonaire at 717-8922.

In 2010, the Breakfast in Schools program added multi-vitamin tablets to the program as well, thanks to an idea of member Larry Gerharts. Rotary Club Bonaire was able, thanks to the generous donation of Larry’s good friend, Henri Henrichs, general manager of TEVA Nederland, a producer of medicines, vitamins and supplements, to give all the children in the BIS program for this school year a good supplement to the daily nutrition. Every school day a tablet will be available with vitamins and minerals, which will fit in the daily nutrition practice on Bonaire.
For the youth from 3 till 12 years old, a chewing tablet will be available, avoiding the inconvenience of swallowing a tablet. For youth over 12 years old a red coated tablet is available to be taken with some water, milk or juice. The brand by TEVA Nederland is Phital Multi. Information about safety, use and storage can be found on

Distribution to participating creches and schools will take place on a monthly basis and supply will be more than sufficient to serve all children within the BIS program.

In March, 2014, Roan Jaspers and Frederick Vloebergs showed pictures of their challenging supping journey to Klein Curacao. With this formidable performance of 7 hours and 10 minutes, they managed to collect almost $16,000 for Rotary's Food for Schools. See

Help us to "Feed the body and the mind!"

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